Why Lamphun Thai Silk?

We are the manufacturer and also the largest distributor of Lamphun Silk Weaver Network. Each of every piece of silk is 100% handmade which the weavers spend a lot of time to produce. We care and pay attention to every detail of the process. As the manufacturer, we take parts in the local community to improve local economy, to develop the social aspect in the community and to maintain Lamphun’s old tradition for generations.

Brocade Thai Silk Has been used among members of The Royal family and members of Nobility; in the present day, It is also favoured by the rich. Brocade Thai Silk is commonly used in wedding costumes central Thai Costumes for wear as garden parties and royal ceremonies. It takes quite a long time to make each exquisite piece of Lamphun Brocade Thai Silk.

Most of our customers are Brocade thai Silk connoisseurs. who order a reproduction of old brocade thai silk and make some other new patterns for their own collection. We are proud of saying that all patterns and designs of silk products are exclusive and unique. Moreover, our products are neatly produced in every step of weaving process. As a consequence, we do believe that our excellent products will meet your requirements.

“We are the manufacturer and also the largest distributor of Lamphun Silk Weaver Network.”

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Weaving Brocaded Thai Silk requires the most expertise and patience of all the various silk weaves. A piece of quality Brocade Thai silk may take a weaver up to a month to produce.

We are a Lanna silk manufacturer specializing in Royal specialty patterns, high quality silk